With Camveda, you can breathe easy! Camveda’s range of 100% pure Camphor-based products unlocks good energy, vitality, and purification in your surroundings. Our entire product line is free of harmful chemicals & toxins, making it safe for your children and pets. 

Camveda Camphor products are developed keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our consumers. From Indian customs & rituals to purifying the air, we aim to help you experience a state of total comfort and euphoria with our products.



Backed by ample knowledge of Ayurveda, experts at Camveda found that Camphor increases breathing (prana), brings clarity to the mind, and rejuvenates life in the body. This fact resonates in the name Camveda which is a combination of ‘Pure Camphor’ and ‘Vedic healing’. 

The idea behind Camveda sprouted amidst the ongoing pandemic. Realizing the need for access to pure Camphor, we set out to create a brand of 100% pure Camphor devoid of harmful chemicals & toxins.

Camveda aims to become the largest retail brand for Pure Camphor products in the world.

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