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Declutter your way into a happy week

By :Sandeep Bahukhandi 0 comments
Declutter your way into a happy week
#selfcare is not only about pampering yourself. Maybe you got yourself health at its prime. But something still continues to poke at your senses, disrupting the newfound flow of positivity.
Dropping #selfcaretip No. 2 here: Look around your room, your home, your surroundings. Maybe it’s your bookshelf or clutter in your closet. Whatever it is, declutter all the mess and bring to light a brand new space.
Give your surroundings a makeover! And if you are the Instagram-loving socialite, whip out your cameras for before-after shots!
P. S. don't forget to add a touch of a beautiful fragrance or an aromatic sensation like camphor! It’s sure to revitalize your space as well as your soul.
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