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Let's Negate negativity in all the forms

By :Sandeep Bahukhandi 0 comments
Let's Negate negativity in all the forms
#selfcare has never been more important. With the world around you plunging into gloom time and again, you need something to keep your feet steady and on the ground. Let us help you in this quest with our No. 1 #selfcaretip for the month - Distance yourself from all the doom and gloom.
Don't follow things or people that make you unhappy. Challenge yourself everyday to look for something you can improve. It is time to look forward with a positive outlook and persistent optimism.
And if positivity is something you are searching for, Camveda is the perfect place to discover it. Light up some camphor and feel its soothing aroma float over to you, and let the magic begin. Show yourself some love and when you master that, pass this message to someone who needs it, just like you did one day.
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