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Practical Tips to Use Camphor Safely

By :Sandeep Bahukhandi 0 comments
Practical Tips to Use Camphor Safely

Camphor is one substance that people use in different ways, and its volatile nature might sometimes be dangerous for users. Specifically, when it comes to using pure camphorit might be somewhat misleading as not many people know how to use it without hurting themselves.To make sure that this does not happen to anyone, we have tried to make sure that you know the right way to use it and not posit any harm to anybody. It would not be a misnomer to say that camphor is usually safe for adults, and taking a few small steps can help you.

Ways to Use Camphor Safely

When we talk about using camphor safely, you must understand that it is hard to get Pure Kapoorwho could act as a deterrent. Some of the ways to maintain ultimate safety are:

  1. Test A Small Amount: If you are thinking of using a camphor-based option or cream, the best thing is to use it on your skin in a small amount and check whether it is working alright. It will help you understand whether your skin reacts well to the camphor.

  1. Dilute Camphor: The next thing that has to be a golden rule is to use a diluted version of camphor and not the concentrated one. The best thing to do is use a product that does not have more than 11 percent of camphor; otherwise, it could be detrimental. Needless to say, most of the camphor products that you get in the market does not contain more than that. However, read the labels before you actually start using the item.

  1. Avoid Touching it With Your Eyes: It is essential to make sure that you do not let camphor come in contact with your eyes. It could be detrimental because allowing it contact your eyes might cause irritation, and you might feel a burning sensation that lasts for a long. Not only that, but some people have also reported having disturbed vision after letting it come in contact with their eyes.

  1. Adult Supervision: Lastly, it is imperative to remember that children should not use camphor without adult supervision. It is primarily because camphor can be harmful to kids if they tend to put it in contact with their eyes or even gobble it up. Hence you must keep the camphor out of your child's reach, and even if they are using it, it has to be under adult supervision to avoid any hassles.


Getting hold of good quality camphor might be a bit of a task, mainly keeping in mind the situation that we are in Camveda is one platform that has brought forth pure camphor products that can be used for tons of purposes. We bring a wide range of promising camphor products that are free from any harmful toxins and provide positive energy. Since Camveda is the blend of pure camphor and Ayurveda, our camphor products are a safe option for families with children and pets.

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