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Why And How To Use Camphor As A Room Freshener?

By :Sandeep Bahukhandi 0 comments
Why And How To Use Camphor As A Room Freshener?

Every puja, aarti, and house-warming ceremony in a Hindu home includes the burning of Camphor, also known as Kapoor. Camphor has a wide variety of beneficial effects, despite the common belief that its flame may assist drive away evil spirits and negative energy. Here is how you may put it to use to make your house more sanitary: Pure Camphor is a natural air freshener that may be used in homes and serves a variety of functions. 

  • Kills germs 

Camphor has antibacterial properties and is also known for effectively cleaning the air around it. Therefore, if you want to keep your home free of germs, lighting a Kapoor or camphor candle daily is a wonderful idea. 

  • Eliminates any unpleasant odours in the home 

Phthalates are one of several potentially hazardous compounds in artificial air fresheners. These chemicals are suspected of being the root cause of various health issues, particularly in youngsters and pregnant women. Camphor is a natural deodorizer that may be used in the house in place of other artificial air fresheners loaded with chemicals. Burn the Camphor in a lamp in the middle of the room, at a location from where the intoxicating aroma may waft to all of the surrounding areas of the room. 

  • It kills insects and other pests. 

Camphor is an effective pesticide that comes from nature. You should thus make use of camphor the next time you discover ants, bed bugs, or mosquitoes in your house.

Camphor is another option for those looking for an effective treatment for bed bugs. You should air your mattresses in the sun and wash the linens on your bed. The next step is to take a sizable piece of camphor, wrap it in a piece of muslin, and lay it in the space in between the beds. Doing this will drive away any bed bugs. 

Camphor products are an excellent tool for warding off mosquitoes within the home and are highly recommended for this purpose. Camphor, which comes from a tree's essential oil, can ward off mosquitoes for the longest time compared to other natural products. 

How should Camphor be burned when used as an air freshener? 

  • Take a hunk of Camphor in your hand.
  • Place it inside a light.
  • Burn the Camphor using the matchsticks as a spark source.
  • Position the light, so it is directly in the middle of the room. 

By doing so, the aroma will permeate the whole space. Proceed in the same manner throughout the rest of the home. Pure Kapoor may also be used as a powder, which is produced by grinding the substance into a finer consistency. Camphor powder and two teaspoons' worth of lavender oil are all you need to combine for this step. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, then give it a good spritzing! 

Dissolve a little bit of camphor in water at room temperature to make a liquid repellent for ants if you find any in your home. You may either sprinkle or spray this mixture to use it. Camphor is an effective pesticide in addition to its other uses. Germs, bedbugs, ants, and mosquitoes will all be exterminated due to this. 


Camphor is excellent for treating numerous skin disorders, including rashes and irritation, in addition to its use as a natural air freshener. It helps relieve pregnancy pains as well as acne scars, and it is also helpful in treating acne itself. Camveda's Natural Camphor Room Freshener is usually suggested to be used in place of chemical Camphor. It is because of its many health benefits of Camveda Camphor. Moreover, you can also order Camveda Natural Room Freshener and skip the hassle of DIY. So, contact us to make your first order with us now!
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