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Combination of

Purity & Calmness

Natural Camphor in its Purest Form

Experience the serene

essence of nature

Say goodbye to negativity & welcome peace

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Neeta Dalvi

Sales Manager

My days are usually stressful and full of work, but after burning camphor in the evening, I feel relaxed. I feel stress-free and give my all to all of my projects. Thank you Camveda for this amazing experience.


Rajendra Sharma

Marketing Manager

I started using Camveda last year during the lockdown. Since then my house feels fresh and alive. It helps us all stay positive throughout the day. The best thing about Camveda is that it’s safe for my children and pets too.


Nandini Shah


Being very religious since a young age, I hold my rituals very close to my heart. Camphor is a must-have product when it comes to sacred practices. Camveda has helped my mornings become fresh everyday.


Alok Tripathi

Travel Enthusiast

I am a regular trekker and travel to new places every month. Camveda has made every trip very easy with its pure camphor that helps me breathe and calms me down. Thank you for a wonderful experience.