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Combination of

Purity & Calmness

Natural Camphor in its Purest Form

Experience the serene

essence of nature

Say goodbye to negativity & welcome peace



Neeta Dalvi


My son was having rashes and skin itching ever since the summer heat started to do its work. Camveda has been like a magical cure for my son and freed him from all his skin irritations. Truly a blessing in disguise.


Rajendra Sharma

Marketing Manager

I started using Camveda last year during the lockdown. It has helped me keep the air in my house clean and fresh. There is always a positive aura around the house as it absorbs all the negative energy. We now feel calm and at peace everyday.


Nandini Shah

Home Maker

As a religious person, I do my puja and rituals daily. Camveda is the camphor is a must-have for me when it comes to all sacred practices. The quality is authentic and pure which gives my mornings a soothing experience.


Alok Tripathi

Travel Enthusiast

I have been a regular trekker for years as it keeps me active and the experience is thrilling. However, when I reach higher altitudes, it starts getting difficult to breathe. So I carry Camveda with me in my bag which helps me with clear breathing and makes my trekking experience comfortable.