The Euphoria Of Purity

Camveda brings to you 100% Pure Camphor, free from any harmful toxins and adulterants. We wish to make your living space a paradise you have always dreamt of. Camveda is an exquisite fusion of ancient wisdom and the modernity's of the present time. We strive to provide you with the refreshing and aromatic breath of air that cleanses the aura and adds peace and tranquility to your daily life.

The Story Of Camphor With Camveda

Camveda crafts 100% pure camphor products, blending nature, ancient wisdom, and modern practicality. Ayurveda touts camphor's ability to enhance prana flow for mind-body-soul clarity. Its refreshing scent revitalizes spaces, while aura-charged products cleanse and uplift, fostering positivity. Elevate your surroundings with Camveda - embracing refreshment and revitalization!

Why Camveda?

Camveda produces 100% pure camphor free from any harmful chemicals and toxins. Camveda range's of camphor based products provides good energy and vitality. Our entire product line is adulterant free making it an ideal choice for a family with children and pets.

Experts at Camveda are always striving to innovate solutions that are best suited to meet the diversified needs of our customers. From Indian customs and rituals to purifying the air, we strive to help you experience a state of total comfort and exhilaration.

Our Aim

We imagine a world so pure and serene , that no negativity dare to disturb the peace. We strive to make it an evergreen sanctum, where breathing is easy and everyday is fresh with positivity, one home at a time.

Meet Our Team

Late Mr. U.K Gupta

Founder, Visionary, & Chairman Emeritus Holostik Group

Mr. Shobhit Gupta

Group Director- Holostik Group

Mr. Ankit Gupta

Group Director- Holostik Group

Mr. Eish Mendiratta

Managing Director- United Multichem LLP

Mr. Sandeep P Bahukhandi

President Sales & Marketing- United Multichem LLP

Mrs. Mansi Gupta

Director Marketing- United Multichem LLP